1- Cat ownership is a big decision and a lifetime commitment. It also comes with some unknowns. We cannot guarantee the health or temperament of our cats after adoption. All adopters (new owners) are responsible for veterinary care and all costs incurred post adoption. * Adoption fees are non-refundable.

2 – FTCR reserves the right to verify all information provided on the adoption application and deny any adoption requests. The individual applying must be the potential owner and of the minimum age.

3 – We receive many applications. Only the most suitable applicants will be contacted. Please provide as much detail as possible on your application.

4- IMPORTANT! Young kittens (under 6 months) CAN NOT BE ADOPTED ALONE (unless you currently have an active/playful cat in your home)! Kittens need companionship and a feline playmate. Isolation and loneliness can be devastating to their emotional health. In most instances, a senior cat is not an appropriate playmate for an energetic kitten. Humans, dogs or other animals are not substitutes for kitten-to-kitten (or young cat) play, cuddling, cleaning, wrestling, learning interactions.

Please understand that a denial is not a personal rejection but an attempt by Furry Tales to to find the best possible long term placements for our cats. As cat ownership is a 20 year commitment, we are looking for homes that can demonstrate long term residency, financial stability and are a good match.