Adoptee #: 4485

Name: Amy

Sex: Female

Birthday: 2022-07-25

Status: In Care

Location: FurryTales Foster

“Who’s ready for some nonstop totally scheduled fun?” meows Amy, a sweet, fluffy girl, often found snuggling with her cousin Michelle. Amy is daughter of Cybel and part of the Brooklyn Nine-Nine crew: Rosa, Amy, Jake, Holt, and Gina. Amy is never to far from her siblings or cousins, she loves wand toys and ball towers and will happily play independently. However when it comes to nap time she wants to snuggle with other cats. She will need to have a feline companion in her home that will want to nap and hangout with her. As a Persian cat, she will require regular grooming, brushing and cleaning around her eyes. Exotic Adoption fee of $500.