Adoptee #: 4878

Name: Asha

Sex: Female

Birthday: 3 January, 2020

Status: Available for Adoption

Location: FurryTales Foster

Asha came into care in late November and had her 7 kittens on December 14. Since then, she’s been a wonderful, caring and attentive mother, but has definitely earned the right to enjoy a life of her own. She is sweet girl and loves attention. Body pets, chin and cheek rubs, and head scratches will all get her purr motor going! She is easy to pick up (to put into a carrier, for example) but generally prefers to not to be held for any length of time. Instead, she will very happily curl up against you for pets or a snooze. She has started tentatively climbing in her foster’s lap, “testing the waters” in a way. She can be chatty – and meows for attention, for food, or just to be social and interact with humans. Toys weren’t something she was previously interested in, but that’s slowly changing now that her kittens are older. She’s letting herself play a bit now, and even manages to keep up with her little ones. Wand toys and anything that makes a noise are quick to get her attention.