Adoptee #: 4344

Name: Ben

Sex: Male

Birthday: 2022-05-23

Status: Pending Adoption

Location: FurryTales Foster

😻 BONDED WITH DEBBIE 😻 The confident Ben is one of Brianne’s litter (Camille, Ben, Debbie, Lilly Rose, and Johnny) and he is bonded with his identical twin Debbie, so he should be adopted with her. The only way to tell Ben and Debbie apart is that Ben is a tiny bit bigger with huge paws and his fur is a shade darker with subtle tabby markings. Ben is also a chatty boy who loves to be picked up and cuddled. At the top of Ben’s fun list is wrestling and wand play. He is a house supervisor, following brooms and dust mops around. Ben has a voracious appetite and perfect litter habits. He does not react to small dogs. All kittens under 6-months-of-age must have a companion or be adopted in pairs. (CAS-220818)