Adoptee #: 8138

Name: Boudina

Sex: Female


Status: In Care

Location: FurryTales Foster

Boudina came in care via K9 Advocates with mom, Betty, and brother, Bruce.

Boudina is a classic cutie. She likes to be held and pet. Her favourite toys so far are a yellow mouse and a crinkle ball.

Furry Tales requires all small kittens to be adopted with a playful companion or for there to be a friendly feline already in the adoptive home. Kittens are social beings and companionship is an important part of their development.

Foster Update

Boudina is a sweetie who loves to play and use the scratcher. She stands out from her siblings thanks to a white patch on her chest that looks like a bib.

She seems to enjoy being held and is happy to be carried around the room. She loves all her siblings and invites them to play often. When they are not game to play, she loves attacking the feather wand toy.

We may refer to this family as The B Team because of their names but every one of them is A Team all the way. Learn more about Bernadette here. Learn more about Boudina here. Learn more about Bridget here. Learn more about Bruce here. Last but certainly not least, learn more about mama Betty here.