Adoptee #: 4115

Name: Brianne

Sex: Female

Birthday: 2020-12-01

Status: Available for Adoption

Location: FurryTales Foster

Brianne was trapped on a farm as a pregnant stray and gave birth to Camille, Ben, Debbie, Johnny, and Lilly-Rose in foster care. Brianne is approximately 21 months old. Nervous when she first arrived, she still eagerly came out for meals, treats, and pets. Now, she’s settled, and is often spotted hanging out on her favourite chair in the living room and looking out the windows from bed perches. She’s such a quiet and gentle cat who would be a great companion for whoever adopts her as she gives and craves love. Mealtimes bring out her cute little chattiness and wee head bumps signifying gratitude and happiness. She loves all cats and kittens, typically found observing and play chasing them, and is fine with the resident little dog. She prefers to have her four paws on the ground. She carries her catnip kicker around the house, rubbing and licking it like crazy! Brianne is learning to love toys, thanks to her kittens. Laying calmly on her blanket, brown tabby Brianne is dreaming of a furever home with a friendly cat friend to give love rubs to; will you be the one to make that a reality?