Adoptee #: 4343

Name: Camille

Sex: Female

Birthday: May 26, 2022

Status: Pending Adoption

Location: FurryTales Foster

🐈 Friends with Johnny 🐈 Quite the personality is packed into this petite Camille, compared to her litter mates (Debbie, Johnny, Ben, Lilly Rose) and her mother Brianne. She is a sweet kitten full of confidence and is a ball of energy. Crinkle tunnels are her absolute favourite toys to play with. Indiana Jones should be her middle name; she is quite a daredevil on cat trees (sometimes napping on them or on window beds) and the higher, the better to climb. She could wrestle with the best of them, pouncing and being pounced on by her playmates. Camille adores being picked up for snuggles and will often follow her foster around, tapping her when she wants a snuggle session. She also takes on supervisory roles in the house while her foster is doing daily activities. Non-reactive to small dogs. Camille is an identical twin with Johnny and should be adopted with him as they have a strong, close bond. All kittens under 6-months-of-age must have a companion or be adopted in pairs. (CAS-220818)