Adoptee #: 8343

Name: Carrie

Sex: Female

Birthday: 2024-05-05

Status: In Care

Location: FurryTales Foster

Born in care, Carrie’s mom is Tabbytha, and her siblings are Ashes and Elfie.

Carrie, last born, has been the neutral party. She and Ashes were always fighting for the same milky spot the second they were born. She was the first big eater and never looked back once she got onto wet food. When she first opened her eyes there was an obvious eye infection which we treated ASAP with drops (who would have thought 300g kitten could be such a fighter against eye drops?!). 10/10 great kitten.

Furry Tales requires all small kittens to be adopted with a playful companion or for there to be a friendly feline already in the adoptive home. Kittens are social beings and companionship is an important part of their development.

Once they’re spayed, you can apply to adopt your kittens!