Adoptee #: 4534

Name: Cassi

Sex: Female

Birthday: 2022-08-03

Status: In Care

Location: FurryTales Foster

🌌 Welcome to Pretty’s Constellation Babies (Andie, Cassi, Draco, Pegi, Persi, and Ursa) who were born in care. 🌌 This is Cassi, short for Cassiopeia, and she’s a very sweet and cute orange mackerel tabby with a great personality. Cassi and Pegi are often found playing and sleeping together. Cassi has the perfect trifecta of playfulness, independence, and cuddliness; everything a cat should have! Interactive toys like cat dancers, balls in tubes, and mouse on springs delight Cassi. Jumping around and pouncing are things Cassi loves to do during playtime; she must have some bunny in her! When it’s time to sleep, Cassi most often seeks out her foster mother or her siblings. She does not like to be alone and will often meow until she finds a sibling or a human. Cassi is closest to her sister Pegi, so she would do best adopted with her, another playmate, or someone who has time to spend with her. (CAS-221002)