Adoptee #: 8150

Name: Chester

Sex: Male

Birthday: 2020-06-29

Status: Available for Adoption

Location: PetValu Convent Glen

Chester, the charming buff tabby, has a vibrant personality 🐾 This friendly and affectionate feline found his way to us surrendered through no fault of his own, ready to brighten the lives of his future family.

Although Chester may prefer the spotlight as the solo feline in your home, he’s a social butterfly who adores the company of small to medium-sized dogs. 🐶 You can really see his playful personality through during interactive sessions with wand toys and laser pointers, followed by blissful catnaps atop his favorite cat tree.

While Chester may not enjoy being left alone, he’s discovered a delightful solution to beat the blues – country music! 🎶 With a penchant for yeehaw-worthy melodies, he happily basks in the tunes while awaiting your return.

This talkative boy isn’t shy about expressing himself with his meows, showcasing his bold and fearless nature. He’s quite clean with his litter box and possesses a healthy appetite. Chester approaches life with enthusiasm, albeit with a tendency to devour his meals eagerly – a trait easily managed with a slow feeder. 🍽️

With his sharp intellect and inquisitive gaze, Chester eagerly immerses himself in your daily activities, eager to be your loyal companion every step of the way. 🧠 From lending a helping paw with household chores to lounging contentedly by your side, he’s committed to sharing life’s adventures with you.

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