Adoptee #: 4331

Name: Delilah

Sex: Female

Birthday: 2017-01-01

Status: Available for Adoption

Location: FurryTales Foster

Forgive me Delilah, I just couldn’t take anymore… of your gorgeousness! Delilah, who is a Persian Sealpoint, is an absolute doll especially when it comes to being brushed and she deserves to be pampered! New people may scare her a little but offering her yummy treats or a good brushing session encourages her to warm up to strangers quickly. In fact, she’s butter in your arms when she is being brushed. She’s calm and delicate; gently nibbling fingers when she wants attention. Delilah loves to play especially with wand toys and soft balls. Four paws on the ground please, however, she does jump in trusted people’s laps for cuddles and biscuit making sessions on stomachs. Delilah’s got a monster purr and she is very vocal especially when it’s treat time. Delilah gave birth to the🍦Ice Cream🍦 litter (Popsicle, Sorbet, and Lemonade). Delilah’s wish list includes a window to watch the birds, someone to play with, and an adopter who is often home to give her attention. Delilah would do best with a family who understand the grooming needs of Persians; her adoption fee is $500 as an Exotic cat. (CAS-221001)