Adoptee #: 4617

Name: Dot

Sex: Female

Birthday: 2014-01-01

Status: Available for Adoption

Location: FurryTales Foster

Dot never received veterinary care in her life and was abandoned. A kind, concerned neighbour contacted Furry Tales, which is how Dot came to be in our care. Dot’s uterus was so infected and filled with pus that, without quick treatment, she was facing an imminent and painful death. Her ultrasound revealed the need for an emergency spay which she received and it saved her life. Dot is healing nicely from surgery; eating, drinking, and using the litterbox well. She is a friendly and sweet lady, though cautious. Dot loves to come for head scratches and has started purring. She hardly meows – and it is such a tiny sound. She is slowly getting cozy, friendlier, and learning to trust. To anyone who would love a quiet, easy-to-care-for furry friend, Dot is a real sweetheart. Her big green imploring eyes will melt your heart! A calm furever home is most ideal for Dot. (CAS-220916)