Adoptee #: 8331

Name: Dottie

Sex: Female

Birthday: 2022-11-18

Status: Available for Adoption

Location: FurryTales Foster

Dottie is the sweetest cat who absolutely loves pets and being close to people. She’s an amazing mama who has raised some healthy and independent kittens, but she’ll be quite happy when her mom duties are behind her.

Dottie has beautiful long hair, though she’s not the most diligent groomer. That’s okay, because she enjoys being brushed. She recently had some mats shaved out and is now sporting a funky haircut, but she’s definitely feeling better without the mats. Once she’s no longer busy grooming her little ones, she might become better at grooming herself.

Dottie is vocal and doesn’t hesitate to let people know when she’s displeased or just wants to say hi. She doesn’t like being locked in the foster room and will sprint out any chance she gets, only to lay down somewhere nearby. She’s very passive when scooped up and returned.

Dottie has done some hissing and growling at the resident cat, Sid, from a distance, but has shown no real aggression towards him. They haven’t had much interaction other than brief encounters when she escapes and he’s nearby, so it’s too soon to tell if she’ll get along with other cats.

Dottie would appreciate a home without dogs, she starts to growl when she hear the foster’s dog come up the stairs.

Dottie would be a wonderful addition to any family. She’s not timid and doesn’t seem spooked by loud noises. She’s shown no aggression towards people and doesn’t mind being picked up and carried. With the right family, she could turn into a lap cat or at least enjoy being cuddled close by.

She has a great appetite and excellent litter box habits. If you’re looking for a sweet, loving, and gentle cat, Dottie might be the perfect fit for you!