Adoptee #: 8342

Name: Elfie

Sex: Female

Birthday: 2024-05-05

Status: In Care

Location: FurryTales Foster

Born in care, Elfie’s mom is Tabbytha, and her siblings are Ashes and Carrie.

Second born of the three, Elfie was a shocking 100g heavier than her sisters. She also earned her title as the shyest one. Elfie’s always been more independent than the others but her fears are more evident. One of her favourite activities is to hang out in the weighing bowl…but only after she’s not needed in it anymore. She looks quite a lot like mom but has a unique shape to her eyes where the top eyelid is quite straight. Another 10/10 great kitten.

Furry Tales requires all small kittens to be adopted with a playful companion or for there to be a friendly feline already in the adoptive home. Kittens are social beings and companionship is an important part of their development.

Once they’re spayed, you can apply to adopt your kittens!