Adoptee #: 4508

Name: Everest

Sex: Male

Birthday: 2020-04-01

Status: Pending Adoption

Location: FurryTales Foster

Everest is part of The ⛰️ Mountain Peaks ⛰️ family (Denali, Everest, Fuji, Kenya, Matterhorn, and Rainier) who were abandoned in a house in Smith Falls through no fault of their own. Thousands have tried to conquer the real Everest, but it would take nothing to reach the summit of this two-year-old’s heart. Everest enjoys his meals and is medium to low energy; he’s making up for his list kitten time. He is smart, curious and just wants to be loved as he’s a friendly and affectionate boy who sleeps on his foster mother as well as jumps in her lap. He has the most beautiful coat of grey with a touch of white. He deserves the chance to have a new family who will love him forever and know that he will be incredibly appreciative of his new situation. It’s like he’s saying “What?? Another delicious meal being delivered just for me???? And all this scratching of my face until I fall asleep. What the heck is going on???!!” Everest looks for sweet deals on cat treats on his foster mother’s flyers! Now that Everest has recovered from his tooth extraction and has acclimatized to his foster home, he has become more kitten like! Although he’s an only pet in his foster home, he is likely to enjoy playmates with a careful introduction. (CAS-220915)