Adoptee #: 4460

Name: Ferry

Sex: Female

Birthday: 2022-06-02

Status: Available for Adoption

Location: PetSmart (Merivale & Meadowlands)

Visit Ferry, who has quite a story to tell, at Meadowlands and Merivale PetSmart (1585 Merivale Road). A couple who were spending the day on Wolfe Island spotted four kittens, including Ferry. People had been feeding them scraps in a small fast-food container but it wasn’t safe for them and they were brought to Furry Tales! Ferry is an adorable kitten who, with time and patience, is happy to showcase her sweet personality. She is an affectionate girl who is content to enjoy some pets before racing off to play. If you have a wand toy or a laser pointer, Ferry will be a happy kitten. When not playing, this sweet and gentle girl can be found relaxing in the cat tree or a comfy bed, likely with a kitten friend where Ferry will be content to enjoy some pets of her beautiful and super soft fur. Ferry gets along with dogs who are gentle and respectful of her space! Ferry has a wonky eye but she has seen a specialist vet. No surgery is required; it is being treated with eye drops and it doesn’t hold her back from playing the day away. All kittens under 6-months-of-age must have a companion or be adopted in pairs. (CAS-220919)