Adoptee #: 4452

Name: Gideon

Sex: Male

Birthday: 2020-01-01

Status: Adopted

Location: FurryTales Foster

Gideon is an all-round, easy-going, 2.5-year-old orange tabby with white. He has excellent litter box habits and likes to use cardboard scratching materials. Gideon lets you know when he wants attention, such as lap time. He is very affectionate, is comfortable being picked up and even cooperated to have his nails clipped the other day. He enjoys being brushed. Gideon is quite the talker, if you’d only listen to all he had to tell you. String toys and catnip are a few of his favourite things. Gideon enjoys investigating new spaces and watching what’s happening outside his window. Other cats are okay; Gideon gives them space and is very agreeable to most things. Handsome, friendly, affectionate, cat-friendly, cuddly, clean, curious and engaging. We believe Gideon checks every box on the perfect list. (CAS-220910)