Adoptee #: 4487

Name: Holt

Sex: Male

Birthday: 2022-07-25

Status: In Care

Location: FurryTales Foster

“You took the wrong fluffy boy!” Captain Holt, son of Cybel, meows at you. Like his namesake, he is fond of giving orders and is the leader of the Brooklyn Nine-Nine crew: Holt, Jake, Gina, Rosa, and Amy. Holt is so fluffy that he often has a case of bed head from napping on the cat bed. He will be the first one to the wet food or to explore a new toy. This brave explorer loves to be brushed and due to his buff colouring, he will need his eyes cleaned often. As a Persian cat, he will require regular grooming, brushing and cleaning around his eyes. Exotic Adoption fee of $500. (CAS-220929)