Adoptee #: 8330

Name: JJ

Sex: Male

Birthday: 2023-09-05

Status: Pending Adoption

Location: FurryTales Foster

Meet the lovely JJ! 🐾 This gentle guy is a cuddle enthusiast who absolutely loves to be around his humans. With his soft purrs and affectionate nature, JJ is the perfect companion for cozy snuggle sessions. 😻

When he’s not cuddling, JJ enjoys playing with his ball, chasing it around the house with boundless energy. ⚽ He has a unique fascination with water and often sits between the curtains while you’re in the shower, curiously observing the splashes. 🚿

Though he may be a bit shy at first, once JJ comes out of his shell, he reveals his sweetest side, making him an irresistible bundle of love. 💕 He also enjoys spending time on his cat tree, gazing out the window and watching the world go by. 🌳

At night, JJ is the perfect bedtime buddy, sleeping quietly next to you and providing a sense of warmth and comfort. 💤 With his gentle demeanor and loving personality, JJ is sure to steal your heart! ❤️