Adoptee #: 4346

Name: Johnny

Sex: Male

Birthday: May 26, 2022

Status: Pending Adoption

Location: FurryTales Foster

🐈 Friends with Camille 🐈 Johnny, son of Brianne and sibling to Debbie, Camille, Ben, and Lilly Rose, is a gentle soul who loves a good snuggle. He likes to assess before jumping into activities and playing, then he’s raring to go. He plays well with his brother and sisters, pouncing and running around like little elephants. Every toy is Johnny’s favourite and springs are not shareable as far as he is concerned; he gives a little growl if anyone tries to take one from him. Johnny is a confident kitty who loves being picked up and snuggled; he greets his foster when he comes into the house. He tends to follow social distancing protocols with dogs but is not reactive. Johnny and Camille would be a bonded pair of sweetness to adopt if you were looking for two for your household. (CAS-220818)