Adoptee #: 4645

Name: Kahlua

Sex: Male


Status: Adopted

Location: PetSmart (Merivale & Meadowlands)

Drunk with kitten fever? Consider Kahlua or one of his siblings: Bacardi, Bailey, or Tia Maria. These siblings were in need of help and picked up by one of our fosters and brought to us. Kahlua is an adorable well-adjusted, happy kitten. Running, play-pouncing, climbing, exploring, wrestling, learning, eating then snoozing are some of his favourite hobbies. Kahlua is playful and energetic, happy join in the play but also happy to watch the goings on. Just look at those cute attentive ears and those big curious eyes. Black kitties make the best house cats. Kahlua is a sweetheart. All kittens under 6-months-of-age must have a companion or be adopted in pairs.