Adoptee #: 4557

Name: Kaye

Sex: Female


Status: In Care

Location: FurryTales Foster

Miss Kaye, nicknamed ‘lil barrel’, who comes from the Elgin cat colony, just gave birth to her kittens! When she’s tuckered out, Kaye often has her tongue sticking out and it’s extra cute! Kaye loves treats, giving and receiving love, and isn’t afraid to vocalize her intentions. She’s a curious gal who wonders what’s going on on the other side of the foster room door and has even snuck out for morning cuddles with her caregiver. She likes to look out the window as well as being pet and scratched everywhere, giving you plenty of big purrs and head boops in return. Kaye has been acclimatizing really quickly and responding so well to her foster mother’s resident cat and dog who are self-entitled and set in their ways. She has the sweetest personality and favours following the action… even if the action is sleeping! Want to wake up to a cat snuggling besides you in the morning? Kaye’s your girl. (CAS-221001)