Adoptee #: 8217

Name: Maraschino

Sex: Male

Birthday: 2024-01-07

Status: Adopted

Location: FurryTales Foster

Mom is Sundae, siblings are Hot Fudge, Marashino, Peanut and Whipped Cream.

Meet Magnificent Maraschino! 🍒 Despite his initial shyness, Maraschino is a sweet boy with a heart of gold. He loves to play and will happily join in on any adventure – just don’t forget to scoop him up for some cuddles afterwards! With a beautiful purr of contentment, Maraschino is as delightful as can be. Whether he’s chasing springs or wrestling with his furry friends, Maraschino is always ready for fun. Don’t let his initial timidness fool you – this boy is bursting with love and affection! 😻

Furry Tales requires all small kittens to be adopted with a playful companion or for there to be a friendly feline already in the adoptive home. Kittens are social beings and companionship is an important part of their development.