Adoptee #: 8191

Name: Meowy Poppins

Sex: Female

Birthday: 2021-04-07

Status: Available for Adoption

Location: FurryTales Foster

Meet Mewoy Poppins from Montcerf
Meowy Poppins aka Auntie as she is helping Puma Thurman with the kittens, is looking for her forever home.
This girl is beyond sweet!! She will dance around your feet as you prepare breakfast and dinner. She also has to test out right away the clean litter box and water dish, must inspect it all. 😆
She LOVES to be brushed!! She enjoys catnip toys but really just wants to be pet and told how pretty she is.
She’ll let you pick her up for a snuggle but would rather be more free to roll around and make sure you brush and pet her from head to tail, back and belly.
She’s not a fan of getting her face cleaned but she’ll tolerate it as she feels better afterwards. She has folds near her eyes similar to Persians cats. So her new family will just need to continue to help her clear the sleep from her eyes/face.
She gets along great with other cats and is often found helping groom the kittens and even momma Puma.
A calm home with or without older kids would be great for her.