Adoptee #: 4517

Name: Misty

Sex: Female

Birthday: 2022-07-23

Status: Pending Adoption

Location: FurryTales Foster

Daughter of Maggie and sibling of the fun-loving Weather Conditions litter (Hazel, Misty, Stormy, and Smokey); all of whom were surrendered from Brockville due to eviction. Gorgeous, mostly black Misty has a white bikini on her underside. She is the most ‘grown up’ kitty as she has figured out her litterbox and was the first to start eating moist food. A leader, Misty’s siblings tend to follow her. Misty has a fondness for ribbons; she jumps and grabs on, then when you move it from side to side, she lies down and moves with the ribbon back and forth like you’re sweeping the floor. She loves to play with anything that is hanging. Always on the go, energetic Misty and her siblings chase each other around the room all the time and love to climb as well as play a good game of hide-and-seek; but when the lights go out, they settle down and sleep through the night. Misty is a cuddle bug! As a kitten, Misty will require adoption with another playmate, whether it’s one of her siblings (as they’re all close), another young cat, or a friendly companion already waiting at home for someone to play with. (CAS-220820)