Adoptee #: 4579

Name: Nav

Sex: Female

Birthday: 2022-07-30

Status: In Care

Location: FurryTales Foster

Nav is from Nellie’s brood of rambunctious kittens (Nova, Nav, and Noodle), all from the Elgin cat colony, who like play hard and chase each other. Nav is black with white paws and half-moustache and sporting a black chin. She’s got a goofy personality with a dramatic flair and her half-moustache completes her goofiness. She can usually be heard before she’s seen as she’ll instigate fights with her siblings and then cry loudly when they fight back, even when they aren’t doing anything as is usually the case! She can sometimes be a cuddler, but most of the time she likes to be playing, napping, or screaming at Nellie for the milk bar. It’s dry food or mum’s milk or bust for this gal! Nav loves being petted though and is forthcoming with purrs and will wiggle her tail when she’s excited to see her humans or her mother. She would do well in a home with either one of her siblings or another feline that will play with her. (CAS-220929)