Adoptee #: 4562

Name: Nellie

Sex: Female

Birthday: 2021-08-27

Status: In Care

Location: FurryTales Foster

Nellie came from the Elgin cat colony with her litter of kittens, Nav, Nova, and Noodle. She’s attentive and really friendly. She is eager for affection and attention. Now that her kittens are older, she’s even started to play! She enjoys playing with the kittens or hunting the toys her foster mother set out for her, and she likes to chat and wag her little bobtail like a dog as she does it. Nellie is a huge fan of inclined scratch pads and laser pointers. Nellie greets her foster family with a lovely bouquet of sounds: meows, purrs, and trills! She would do well in a home with another cat that will play with her or with one of her babies. (CAS-220929)