Adoptee #: 4416

Name: Odin

Sex: Male

Birthday: 2017-07-23

Status: In Care

Location: FurryTales Foster

My name’s Odin and I’m a handsome buff orange and white tabby with mesmerizing orange eyes. Before I came to Furry Tales, I was a stray at a Quebec rescue which deemed me unadoptable due to prolonged suffering caused by my bad broken lower jaw. Furry Tales believes I’m perfectly adoptable (they’re right!) and rescued me for a second chance at life, arranging for dental and jaw surgery. I lost some teeth and ended up with a snaggle tooth and a slightly lopsided grin because my jaw didn’t heal perfectly, but I don’t mind because it makes me unique and fits my goofy personality perfectly! I’m that old man in the window watching and quietly judging what’s happening in the neighbourhood in the early mornings and afternoons. I also evaluate the aesthetics of your decorations; if I don’t like them, I will clear your shelves of them because I’m a gentleman with mighty fine taste! At the same time, I’ll roll, roll, roll around the couch for your pets, forget my bearings, fall off, climb back up, and beg for more. Bring out that brush from your drawer and I’ll come running like clockwork, meowing at your feet, jumping on the nightstand to get a good brushing, and drooling when I receive it! Treats also make me drool! I love to play with feather wands and smack around old shoe strings with balls. I enjoy being around humans when they’re cooking and reading books. My favourite evening routine is to sit on your shoulder or lap as I’m a social, affectionate kind of man who just wants some love. Please feed me BOTH wet and dry food, especially due to my jaw. I’m dreaming of a perfect home; a calm one full of love and affection where I can live my life fully, preferably as an only animal. That being said, slow introductions spanning at least three months may help me get accustomed to other animals if you’re truly patient! I’m good with cat-savvy children. I’m looking for a special, compassionate adopter who loves me for me! (CAS-221003)