Adoptee #: 4648

Name: Oliver

Sex: Male

Birthday: 2022-06-26

Status: In Care

Location: FurryTales Foster

😻 BONDED WITH LEO 😻 “May I please have some more?” Oliver inquires. A sweet three months old kitten who arrived with his buddy Leo, Oliver is handsome, curious, and playful with a slight hint of a shy side. Despite everything he has been through, Oliver has gotten down to playing and wrestling with anything he can get his paws on. He is an incredibly energetic kitten who loves to climb up humans to lay and cuddle with them briefly, before jumping off and running around the room, going after his toys; he does not discriminate as he can never get enough of any toy! Hands, feet, and other kittens are also his targets; he is gentle in his play! Adorably enough, Oliver gets worried when he can’t find Leo and will meow until he finds him; they are bonded and should be adopted together. Their foster say they’re both a joy to have around. The pair are constantly, playing, wrestling, cuddling, with the cutest meows and loud purrs! (CAS-220926)