Adoptee #: 8185

Name: Pawdry Hepburn

Sex: Female

Birthday: 2023-10-07

Status: Available for Adoption

Location: FurryTales Foster

Meet Pawdry Hepburn, a very sweet 6 month old tortie girl from Montcerf.

Pawdry is a confident cat who adjusts quickly to new environments. She took no time to start exploring the playroom at PetSmart. She is loving all the toys (especially the wand) and lots of attention from the volunteers.

She has a good appetite, excellent litter box skills, and is ready to find a loving home.❤️ She enjoys head scratches and LOVES being petted — she’s a purring machine!

The volunteers at PetSmart have informed us that Pawdry is not fond of other cats, so her perfect home will be one where she alone rules the roost.

Pawdry is still recovering from her bacterial dermatitis but is making amazing strides. She is sneezing a lot less and not itching as much. She will be ready to go to an amazing home soon.❤️

We’ll let you know when she’s ready for adoption so you can apply to adopt Pawdry Hepburn!