Adoptee #: 4536

Name: Pegi

Sex: Female

Birthday: 2022-08-03

Status: In Care

Location: FurryTales Foster

🌌 Welcome to Pretty’s Constellation Babies (Andie, Cassi, Draco, Pegi, Persi, and Ursa) who were born in care. 🌌 This is Pegi, short for Pegasus. Pegi and Cassi are often found playing and sleeping together. Pegi is a cute and cuddly orange tabby. Pegi has a great personality; she isn’t fazed by much and is able to easily adapt to new things and sounds. She’s incredibly smart and learns quickly. Her favourite spots to sleep are on her foster mother’s chest and with her siblings as she’s a snuggle bug. She loves to play with furry mouse toys, run around with them in her mouth, and play ‘keep away’ from the other kittens. Pegi is an extremely active, hyper girl who needs another kitten to play with as an outlet for her energy and a way of keeping her out of trouble; her sister Cassi would be a good choice as that’s whom she’s close to. (CAS-221002)