Adoptee #: 4563

Name: Primm

Sex: Female

Birthday: 2021-08-27

Status: In Care

Location: FurryTales Foster

Welcome to Primm from the Elgin cat colony and her litter of P kittens (Patsy, Paul, Peggy, Penelope, Phoenix, and Presley) who were born into care! Primm longs for human contact and constantly wants to be with her foster. She even lays with a paw on her foster’s lap or arm while she nurses her kittens. She’s got quite the purr motor running. After big yawns and stretches, Primm will come say hello to her foster family; she’s a personable, cuddly girl who’s relaxed. Sometimes, Primm can be spotted batting a ball around the room, but she prefers watching her kittens have all the fun. She’ll make biscuits in bed while she is being brushed. Primm is a true gem! (CAS-221002)