Adoptee #: 4641

Name: Reba

Sex: Female


Status: In Care

Location: FurryTales Foster

Pregnant from a farm in Alfred, Reba is currently rooming with Shania, a trapped stray from Spencerville, who was also expecting. Both ladies are lovely cats who carefully watch their foster mother, who likes to talk to them, with the sweetest little eyes. Reba and Shania take great comfort in one another, huddling in nice and tight. Reba started making biscuits for her foster mother once she got into her birthing box as Shania watched from behind. She is a sweet girl and just had a litter of three beautiful, healthy kittens! Reba is showcasing newfound confidence, enjoying head scratches from her foster mother and walking around in cute circles when wet food is being prepared for her. (CAS-220919)