Adoptee #: 4390

Name: Relish

Sex: Male

Birthday: May 03, 2022

Status: Available for Adoption

Location: PetSmart (Merivale & Meadowlands)

Condiments are meant to enhance flavour; let’s introduce Relish and add Mustard, for although they’re not bonded, they would be most comfortable and happy going to your home together as a package deal. Relish is a charming tuxedo kitten with a little pink nose who made great strides from being a scared, shy kitten to one who is more confident and social. He is a “big purr baby” who has come to appreciate and enjoy head and cheek rubs; even running over to seek pets and attention. Relish enjoys a room with a view and will seek out the prime window spot to check out all the action outside. When not in the window, this sweet guy also enjoys the good life and will lounge on the soft, cushy cat beds and pillows. If you’d like to adopt him and his sister to spice up your life, please fill out our adoption questionnaire as we would love to hear from you!