Adoptee #: 8047

Name: Satie

Sex: Male

Birthday: 2012-02-11

Status: Available for Adoption

Location: FurryTales Foster


Satie is a gorgeous black house panther who came into care with Jojo, a beautiful orange tabby. Lovely and undemanding, both boys are declawed on all four paws šŸ˜­.

Satie is a confident lad, bold, and outgoing, making friends quickly with new people. He loves pets and belly rubs and plays with strings, catnip kickers and the laser pointer. Satie often hangs out at the top of the stairs to keep watch on things and waylay people for pets.

Sometimes a bit shy at first, Jojo is usually social and confident. With his tail held high, he seeks out his foster mom, flopping for pets. He had diabetes when he came into care, but is now in remission. His adoptive family will need to maintain Jojoā€™s diabetes-friendly diet (low-carb wet food only, like PC & Friskies Pate), and be willing to test his blood glucose occasionallyā€”easily done and he’s very cooperative since he knows creamy treats are involved.

They are calm, friendly and independentā€”happy to hang out together. The 12-year-old boys would do fine being left alone all day if their forever family works outside the home. Both Jojo and Satie have good appetites and are very tidy in the litterbox.

Foster Update

A short update on Jojo and Satie. These beautiful boys are still looking for their forever home. They are friendly and affectionate. Jojo loves keeping me company on the bed, and Satie will stop by regularly.

Jojo’s favourite toy is a little red mouse, which he rubs and rolls on, then lies on his back until you come pet him and rub his belly and ears. He’ll rub his own ears with his front paws while waiting. I got him running after the laser pointer this week.

Satie is ever watchful and intent and must know what is going on at all times. His quirk is that he “scratches” your leg with his declawed paws to get your attention if you are ignoring him, especially when food is involved. Both have cute little chirps, grunts and trills.

They would do well in a quiet home, and while they enjoy human company, they would also be fine if their adopters worked outside the home.

Are you the perfect forever home for this bonded pair? Apply to adopt Jojo and Satie today!