Adoptee #: 4567

Name: Sheldon

Sex: Male

Birthday: 2015-04-21

Status: In Care

Location: FurryTales Foster

Well-loved Sheldon, who was only surrendered as his previous owner went into long-term care, is a very affectionate cat who has won over the hearts of vets, volunteers at Furry Tales, and anyone who approaches the adorable little vampire-looking cat. He is quite the character who demonstrates affection in so many ways: expressive eyes, gently pawing and nudging you to request pets especially as soon as you wake up, licking foreheads, helping with work, and sleeping next to you at night. Sheldon has a gentle and quiet meow, but it will get louder and more confident once he’s comfortable with you. He loves sleeping on beds, soft blankets, and couches. Wand toys are his favourite to play with and he’ll use them occasionally to floss his fangs. Sheldon is a light eater who prefers wet food fresh out of the can or fridge. Respectful, Sheldon is clean around the house and doesn’t jump on furniture his foster parents aren’t already sitting on. Sheldon has really blossomed in his new environment and he will be the most perfect cat in his new home! (CAS-221003)