Adoptee #: 8353

Name: Snowball

Sex: Female

Birthday: 2020-11-01

Status: Available for Adoption

Location: FurryTales Foster

Owner surrender **Bonded with Cassidy** $350 FEE


Momma Snowball and her daughter Cassidy are settling in quite nicely! Both prefer to stay in the initial room I brought them too, even with the opportunity to explore, and have been very polite to the resident cats, keeping a respectful distance with minimal hissing on either side.

Snowball is the more outgoing of the two, eager to greet me when I’m in sight. Cassidy takes a little longer before deciding it’s worth coming over and flopping for cuddles.

Neither cat are lap cats and Cassidy does not like being picked up, but they are so gentle and sweet and would be perfect for a family looking for cats to dote on. 😍

Apply to adopt Snowball and Cassidy today!