Adoptee #: 4424

Name: Topsy

Sex: Female

Birthday: Jun 01 2022

Status: Adopted

Location: FurryTales Foster

Life’s Topsy-turvy when you are surrendered to a rescue through no fault of your own, but tortoiseshell Topsy, with an adorable white patch, is now in good hands with Furry Tales! She came with her black brother Turvy. Interestingly, Topsy was the tiniest and now she is finally getting chunky, with the big round full belly after dinner as she is a foodie. She likes to compete for human affection and gets jealous if her foster is petting someone other than her; human laps are for HER. Topsy likes to sleep on her foster mother’s chest or face. Topsy loves to play with toys. Companionship is an important part of kitten development, so Furry Tales requires all kittens under the age of six months to have a companion. (CAS-220822)