Adoptee #: 4425

Name: Turvy

Sex: Male

Birthday: Jun 01 2022

Status: Available for Adoption

Location: FurryTales Foster

😻 BONDED WITH POLKA 😻 You know that feeling, when you set your eyes on the ‘one’, that purrfect match from across the screen and all of a sudden, your life’s gone topsy-turvy? That’s exactly what bonded pair Turvy and Polka make us feel and we are hoping it’ll be the same for you. Surrendered through no fault of their own, little Turvy came with his tortoiseshell sister Topsy who has now been adopted. Turvy is the biggest sweetheart and will fight sleep just to stare at his foster with his big, sweet eyes to show how much he cares. Turvy loves being held, playing with any and all toys, and adores cuddles. He is VERY affectionate and will run up to you, meowing to be held and played with! Turvy and Polka (nicknamed Poe) grew up together in their foster home and are now a bonded pair. Given how much these little dudes love to play, adopting them as a bonded pair will give the boys company when us human folk are too busy with our boring non-cat playing daily duties. If you’re looking for a pair of true gentleman, who are ready turn your life upside, over, inside and round with all the love they has to give, apply now for bonded friends Turvey and Polka! (CAS-221001)