Adoptee #: 8476

Name: Utah

Sex: Male

Birthday: 2021-07-03

Status: Available for Adoption

Location: FurryTales Foster

Utah is so sweet, loves face rubs and making biscuits all over the place. I think he may have fought another kitty for every morsel of food because not only is he quite thin and bony, he goes nuts as soon as the food comes out. I had to actually prep his meal behind a closed door as that was the only way I could keep his head out of the bowl! He isn’t aggressive about it at all – just desperate to get in there!!

Foster Update

Utah is very happy the cone is gone now! His personality is starting to come out in full force.

He is such an affectionate little fellow, always wanting to be in the same room as the humans. At night though, he doesn’t sleep on our bed but rather in the hallway just outside the door (even though the door is open). He is on my desk when I work or in one of our chairs or on the perch close to where we watch TV. If we get up, he follows. Well, most of the time!!

He is unfortunately a little anxious. Given his startle reflex, I suspect he is going to be hypervigilant until he is fully settled somewhere. He is much better than he was even a week ago, but still edgy. With that in mind, I suspect he’d be better in a home without other critters or little kids but rather somewhere that he can pour all his love into the grown-up adults (aka servants) and vice versa.

He absolutely LOVES wand toys and can flyyyyy across the room. Add to that his Superman pose when he’s lying down and I think the new owners should change his name to Clark.

I think he is also realizing that his food supply is safe. For the first few days, even with the cone on, he was up on the countertop or even climbing up me to get to anything that resembled a food bowl. Now, he will still get on the countertop about 50% of the time, but he is not so desperate. I think this is another hangover from being with a dominant male that, in time, will fully resolve. We have a timed feeder that I’ll start using in the next couple of days which will help too.

Utah is a little treasure and I suspect he will make himself more than comfy in a quiet, loving home who can adore him for a long and happy life.