Adoptee #: 8428

Name: Venus

Sex: Female

Birthday: 2023-01-16

Status: Available for Adoption

Location: PetValu Convent Glen

From K9Advocacy Manitoba, Venus is mom to Moo, Joe, Figaro, Saber, and Pinky, all spayed and neutered!

Why Manitoba? There are some 100,000 feral cats roaming the streets of Winnipeg alone, leaving them open to attacks by wild dogs, also a rampant problem in the Manitoba region. When we had the chance to help just one of these families, how could we refuse?

At about 18 months old, Venus has proven herself to be a loving mother, though she’s not much more than a kitten herself! Now that her babies are grown, she loves to curl up and receive pets and head scratches. She can also be a bit rambunctious, getting her fun out of laser and catnip toys.
Venus is fine with other cats, dogs, and kids making her a fabulous addition to any family. Could you be this loving girl’s forever home?

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