PetSmart (Merivale & Meadowlands)


Adoptee #: 8181

Name: Alexander
Sex: Male
Birthday: 2023-04-06

Meet one-year-old Alexander who came to us from Alexandria!

This grey and white little man is an absolute sweetheart, and to prove it, he has a heart-shaped nose!

He is not afraid to come right over and ask for pets and cuddles, and we would absolutely describe him as an outgoing, social little guy.

Alexander is that he is very clean, which is very convenient because much of his coat is white. He’s well groomed, and has excellent litter box habits.

Is this charmer who your family has been searching for? Why not apply to adopt Alexander today?
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Adoptee #: 8020

Name: Amber
Sex: Female
Birthday: 2018-02-05

Amber is a FTCR alumni who came back in by no fault of her own. She came in care with her friend Jade.

🐾 Bonded: Amber and Jade will need to be adopted together 🐾

Amber got comfortable in foster care very quickly; she is incredibly friendly and curious, rubbing all around the foster room and brushing up against her foster parents any time she can for head and chin rubs! She also loves her treats! Amber will require frequent brushing to keep her luscious coat mat free. Amber and Jade are buddies, rubbing up against each other and grooming each other.

Amber is an absolute love bug. She is the first one running upstairs to hang with her foster parents when she is let out of her foster room in the mornings, and shadows her foster mom closely. She loves joining her for some time on the yoga mat, and is quick to wrap around either of her foster parents legs whenever they’re standing still. She loves jumping up on the couch to sit beside her foster mom.

Amber is bonded with Jade, so they must be adopted together. Apply to adopt them today!


PetSmart (Merivale & Meadowlands)

Adoptee #: 8055

Name: Amy
Sex: Female
Birthday: 2024-01-01

Amy came to us with momma Sarah Jane, dad Doc, and siblings Mickey and Rory, after being abandoned on the doorstep of the Forest Valley Animal Hospital in Orleans.

Miss Amy and her ear floofs 😍

She’s a tough one to get pics of as she’s a pretty on-the-go kitten.

Being a kitten, she loves all toys. Wand toys, balls, ball tower, mom’s tail, human slippers, you name it she’ll make a toy out of it.

Since she’s so playful she’s not a fan of being held as it prevents her from doing zoomies and parkour jumps. She does love a good full body, head-to-tail pet, and she’s got an elevator butt.

This live wire will keep any new home entertained with her antics, plus she gets along great with the resident dog in her foster home.

Furry Tales requires all small kittens to be adopted with a playful companion or for there to be a friendly feline already in the adoptive home. Kittens are social beings and companionship is an important part of their development.

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Adoptee #: 8009

Name: Babine
Sex: Male
Birthday: 6 months ish

Babine came to us in early February as an around 5-6 month old charming light brown tabby Tuxie. Despite enduring head, brain, and body trauma—possibly from being hit by a car—Babine remains resilient, and is a true sweetie now ready to find his happily fur-ever after home ❤️

Despite his past hardships, Babine is gentle and the epitome of sweetness. At just 5 months old, he adores cuddles and eagerly reciprocates affection by wrapping his little paw around his foster’s arm. 🥹 He especially loves neck massages at bedtime. He’s a happy little guy, his eyes are full of curious wide eyed wonderment.

As a result of trauma, Babine lost his lower lip down to below the gum line and his little legs are a bit wonky. However, he manages to get around surprisingly well, displaying impressive speed during treat time and meals. He’s shown remarkable ability to adapt over the past several weeks!

Previously deprived of food on the streets, he now delights in wet food and eagerly devours every crumb, occasionally indulging in kitten kibble. Babine prefers water mixed with his wet food over drinking from a bowl.

While initially lethargic, he’s been beginning to show interest in toys, particularly enjoying ribbons on the kicker and batting around a spring and jingle ball. It’s important to note that his peripheral vision is limited, making it challenging for him to locate treats placed off to the side. Placing them directly in front of him on a soft surface and he’s on them in a snap! 🐾

His energy has surged since his arrival. Babine has the most endearing “mrrr” meow, and the softest fur and wide-spread toes—these make him irresistible for snuggles. He especially enjoys snuggles under blankets at bedtime.

We know he would thrive with a friendly young kitty companion—if you remember our beloved Wally & Janie, two recent Happy Tales adoptions, Babine was quite fond of them when they were fostered together 💕 Babine’s foster says that he has been missing Wally, so another young friendly kitten for him to play with would be an asset in his fur-ever home.

Furry Tales requires all small kittens to be adopted with a playful companion or for there to be a friendly feline already in the adoptive home. Kittens are social beings and companionship is an important part of their development.

A special adopter willing to work with his special needs and provide companionship would be ideal for Babine. Babine enjoys following his human around the house and has even mastered getting over a 9-inch dog barrier to access his foster room. While he may need guidance initially in new spaces, Babine is quite tidy once he has his bearings!

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Adoptee #: 7990

Name: Beanie
Sex: Male
Birthday: 2022-01-01

Say hello to Beanie, the shy tabby with confidence growing by the hour! At 2 years young, this sweet boy made his way to us as a stray from Gatineau.

While Beanie may be a bit reserved at first, we know there’s a loving family out there ready to help him blossom into his true, playful self. He’s been enjoying the benefits of indoor life!

Beanie’s shown himself to be a gentle soul, and he really seems to enjoy the company of other cats—particularly the males. He seems to truly relax around those feline friends, and we think he would do really well with a friendly feline or two in his new home.

A kitten at heart, Beanie showcases some impressive bunny-hopping skills during playtime—truly a sight to behold! He plays well with the other resident cats and we’ve seen him enjoy himself playing with a mouse toy.

While Beanie may need some time and patience to fully come out of his shell, he’s already proven himself to be a loving and affectionate companion. Just recently, he joined his foster on the couch without the presence or moral support of other cats, a significant milestone for our sweet Beanie! We can see him becoming more confident with every passing day.

If you believe your home could provide our Beanie buddy with the love, patience, and understanding he needs to grow into his own playful confident self, apply to adopt him today!
PetSmart (Merivale & Meadowlands)


Adoptee #: 8178

Name: Bella
Sex: Female
Birthday: 2023-10-02

Came in with Calvin, Ella, and Remy.

Bella is a super friendly and confident cat. She loves to explore her surroundings and get lots of pets. She likes pets so much she often rolls around to get full body pets on her stomach and sides too.

The grey and white beauty is loving her time in the playroom at PetSmart with all the toys and cats friends to hang with.

Furry Tales requires all small kittens to be adopted with a playful companion or for there to be a friendly feline already in the adoptive home. Kittens are social beings and companionship is an important part of their development.

Apply to adopt Bella (and Calvin?) today!
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Adoptee #: 8180

Name: Bennie
Sex: Male
Birthday: 2014-04-07

Bennie is a gorgeous buff Himalayan 10-year-old cat looking for his forever home with no dogs in it.

Bennie is a mix of playful and mature. He enjoys looking outside and is quite curious by all he sees. He’s also playful. He loves long strings and is very frisky when he gets going.

He adores attention, being petted and kissed, and will purr the song of his people to let you know just how much he enjoys your attention. His foster mom says he sleeps close to her at night.

He has been known to talk back when spoken to and will answer to a variety of nicknames. Really, we suspect as long as you speak lovingly to him he would answer to just about anything.

Bennie’s a bit shy initially, so it will take him a little while to get used to his forever home before his true self shines through. Once he feels safe and loved, he’ll become your best pal and cuddle buddy.

Senior Exotic fee of $275. Apply to adopt Bennie today!
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Adoptee #: 8093

Name: Bilbo
Sex: Male
Birthday: 2015-06-01

Bilbo was surrendered in care by his previous owner.

He may be a bit hesitant at first in a new setting, but will settle in nicely when given a little time.

In his foster home, Bilbo greets his people with a meow and spends most of the day lounging in the cat tree or making biscuits on his favourite blanket. He gets the zoomies every so often and he’s a big fan of bird videos.

Bilbo likes head pets the most and likes to be near enough to people to receive them, but enjoys having his personal space. He’s a cat!

If you’re taken by this handsome boy, why wait? Apply to adopt Bilbo today!
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Adoptee #: 8044

Name: Bucky
Sex: Male
Birthday: 2012-02-10

**Bonded with Toki.**

Bucky is a twelve year old brown tabby who was surrendered by no fault of his own with his friend Toki.

Bucky has settled nicely in foster care and is already seeking pets! He loves laser pointers, catnip, lounging in the sun and begging for his favourite fish-flavoured treats. He is an easy-going guy who adores people and the cuddles they can provide.

Both Bucky and Toki have been declawed (a practice that Furry Tales does not support and has now been made illegal in many areas of the world). While he is bonded to Toki, Bucky is not a fan of other cats or dogs. He is looking for a safe place in which to spend his golden years with his very best friend, Toki.

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PetSmart (Merivale & Meadowlands)


Adoptee #: 8176

Name: Calvin
Sex: Male
Birthday: 2023-10-02

Calvin is a handsome white and black kitten who came in with Ella and Bella.

Calvin is a gentle sweet boy who loves to be petted. He gets along great with other cats.

Furry Tales requires all small kittens to be adopted with a playful companion or for there to be a friendly feline already in the adoptive home. Kittens are social beings and companionship is an important part of their development.

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Adoptee #: 8119

Name: Carlie
Sex: Female
Birthday: 2022-03-13

Carlie came in care from the Huntington area.

Two-year-old Carlie may be a bit shy at the first hello, but give her a moment, and she’ll warm up. Her quiet demeanor is a soothing presence in any home. With a coat as soft as whispers and meticulously groomed, she’s a vision of feline grace in her dilute tortoiseshell hues and short hair.

Carlie’s gentle nature makes her the perfect companion for peaceful days. She’s a quiet observer, content to watch the world from a cozy corner or a sunny windowsill. Despite her initial timidity, she’s a friend to all, getting along famously with others.

If you’re looking for a serene and affectionate friend, Carlie is waiting to meet you. She’s a reminder that the sweetest friendships often start with a quiet introduction. 💕

Apply to adopt Carlie today!
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Adoptee #: 8193

Name: Cat Moss
Sex: Female
Birthday: 2023-04-07

Meet Cat Moss from Montcerf Cat Moss is looking for a nice barn to call home