Adoptee #: 8013

Name: Tiri

Sex: Male

Birthday: 2014-11-28

Status: Available for Adoption

Location: FurryTales Foster

💕 My name is Tiri, I am 10-years-young and I am looking to be considered as your new work-from-home snoopervisor. 🔎 I am currently fulfilling this role in my foster home but am looking forward to finding a permanent placement very soon.

During the day, you can find me at my desk (it will no longer be your desk but now my desk) however, I usually purrfer to be seated in the comfy chair next to you, making sure that you stay ‘on task’ throughout the entire work day. 🐱‍💻 My gentle purr is all the motivation you’ll need to get you through even the toughest of work days! I have been classified as a ‘lap cat’ and I take this certification very seriously.


Tiri had untreated diabetes when he came into care. His last dose of insulin was April 17, 2024, and his blood sugar has been great ever since. Since this continued through May and June, he is officially considered in remission! 🎉 In other words, the condition is reversed and should stay that way with a healthy diet. We’re so happy for Tiri!

Tiri is a big dude, a total foodie and loves to eat. Because his diabetes is in remission, he needs to be fed carefully.

Tiri will do best as the star of the show, adopted as the only cat ⭐️ He’s ready to be your copilot.

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