We have two locations for donation drop-offs in the city: East end, and the West end.

Each location has a drop-off bin.

East End

247 Greenridge Street, Orleans K1C 7R8

West End

367 Celtic Ridge Crescent. Kanata K2W 0B6

Below is a list of the items that we are always in need of:‚Äč

  • KMR Kitten Formula – Soft Baby Wash Cloths – Small Heating Pads
  • Clumping and Non-Clumping Cat Litter (unscented please)
  • Flat-bed type litter boxes
  • Canned Wet and Dry Kibble kitten and cat food
  • Cat Treats
  • Non-tippable shallow food bowls
  • Small Fleece Blankets – Digital Thermometers
  • Kitten Feeding Bottles – Replacement Nipples
  • Cat Collars/Leashes
  • Cat Toys – Cat Scratchers – Small cat beds and tents
  • Gift Cards – Canadian Tire Money

Donations can be dropped off at the cattery.

Please contact [email protected] to arrange a time to drop off the donations.