Make a Donation

As we begin into 2022, it is a great time to reflect and make plans. As we posted earlier, in 2021 we saved over 1300 lives.

Many medical cases, hoarding situations and many, many cats abandoned or strays with kittens. At one point we were over 230 cats in care. We also had costs in excess of half a million dollars (vet costs alone almost that).

Everyone in rescue knows that rescue is like emptying a bathtub with a teaspoon. Today we are breathing a bit better because we are down to 140 in care. But that is still too many. We need to reduce costs and numbers to a maximum of 100.

There is a very true saying, how do you save 100 cats? Spay one.

Rescuing animals is a never-ending cycle and only with an amazing group of supporters can we succeed.

We rely on donations for funding, as the adoption fees do not cover the total cost of vetting for each cat brought into the rescue. We also conduct fundraisers such as Online Auctions, Pet Adoption Days, raffles, etc., to ensure each cat in our care is vetted and brought to maximum health prior to adoption.

Furry Tales is registered as a charity under the registration number 791529910RR0001 and able to issue tax receipts for donations over $20.00.

In order for us to continue to help these wonderful cats in-need, we are asking for the community’s help in both financial contributions, food, litter as well as quality foster homes. We assist cats without boundaries – Smiths Falls, Perth, Morrisburg, Ottawa, Kemptville, and beyond.

Financial donations are now accepted through Canada Helps. Please Donate Now.