Furry Tales is a foster-based rescue, and we rely on quality foster homes where our cats can be brought to safety.

Fostering Saves Lives!

We supply the food, medication, litter box, bowl, toys….everything your foster will need to be comfortable. Foster parents are responsible for providing a loving, nurturing, and safe environment. It is also the responsibility of the foster parent to make sure they can get their foster to and from vet appointments (if needed) and arrange pick up or drop off of required supplies.

Fostering is very rewarding, but it can come with its challenges. Cats are vetted with us before being placed in foster homes. We take cats that come from a variety of backgrounds – sick, shy, scared, blind, deaf, riddled with a flea infestation, risk of being euthanized, owner surrenders. We don’t always have a history of the cat coming into care so we are looking for foster homes that are compassionate to all characteristics. Each foster cat comes with its own little suitcase of pain and issues from their abandonment. We are looking for foster homes that demonstrate stability, time, patience, love, and the willingness to help any cat we may have in care, with guidance. Fostering generally last from 2 weeks to 2 months, sometimes longer, and requires a commitment to treat this animal as if it were your own. This includes socializing the animal with your family and fellow companions and to provide enriching homes with lots of attention and love.

What are the duties of a foster parent?

  • Provide daily care, cleaning, and feeding of your foster cat(s). Food and litter can be provided by Furry Tales, although your donation of food and litter is always appreciated (and some foster homes find it easier to get their own supplies rather than driving to pick up depots).
  • Administer medications, if prescribed. Veterinary care and medications are provided by Furry Tales.
  • Socialize and provide lots of love for the cat(s) in your care.
  • BE COMMITTED to your fosters! Your foster care time commitment will vary dependent on the cat’s particular circumstances and you may have your foster cat for a few months.

What are some of the qualifications necessary to become a foster parent?

  • All resident animals must be spayed or neutered and vaccinated.
  • The foster home should have a separate area where your foster animals can be isolated from your resident animals, at least temporarily.

How will my foster cat(s) meet prospective adopters?

  • We work with each individual foster parent or family to make arrangements to introduce your foster cat(s) to potential adopters.
  • This may include a Furry Tales volunteer picking up the foster cat(s) from your home for transport to adoption events, video chats with potential adopters or even facilitating in-person meetings.

How will my foster cat(s) be chosen?

  • When matching you up with a foster cat(s), we take into consideration your level of pet experience, your schedule, your desired level of involvement, and of course your current family/pet situation.