Adoptee #: 8136

Name: Betty

Sex: Female

Birthday: 2022-10-07

Status: In Care

Location: FurryTales Foster

Betty came in care via K9 Advocates in Manitoba, along with her kittens, Boudina and Bruce.

Betty is estimated to be one year old. She is a petite and beautiful lady. She is very friendly and quick to come to humans for attention. She settled in right away and already chirps to her people to say hello. Betty loves pets all over her body and even enjoys being held. She is eating wet and dry food, and using the litter box well.

Foster Update

Betty is an affectionate and gentle lady. She is not shy and quick to like humans. She adores attention and will push her kittens out of the way so that she can receive pets.

Betty will follow you around the room and look at you with big eyes to beg for attention. And then will purr steadily while you pet her silky fur. Relatively quiet, she will chirp to say hello or trill in excitement when you crack a can of food. She enjoys kitten kibble and wet food, and uses the litter box neatly. Betty is an absolutely lovely lady and will be a welcome addition to any family.

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