Adoptee #: 4494

Name: Lucky

Sex: Male

Birthday: 2022-02-01

Status: In Care

Location: FurryTales Foster

A young man was feeding colony cats in Williamsburg, including Lucky. He noticed that Lucky was limping, having diarrhea, and appeared to have a genital injury. Lucky was unable to urinate for almost four days and there was a concern that his bladder may rupture. His caregiver did not have the financial resources to fund this treatment so they reached out to Furry Tales for support. Lucky was delivered to our veterinary partners and with our veterinary technician’s help, we were able to manually empty his bladder. Lucky’s X-Rays revealed that his vertebrae was pulled apart, which may have happened if he were stuck in something like a door and tried to run away. He has to have a catheter to keep urine draining and inflammation needs to subside to enable him to bathroom independently. Thanks to Furry Tales’ partnership with Les Albimes, he received necessary medical and surgical treatment at Clinque Veterinaire Cimon in Quebec City and recovering well; getting stronger every day. Keeping our paws crossed that he’ll be able to bathroom independently! Lucky deserves a second chance at life! All kittens under 6-months-of-age must have a companion or be adopted in pairs. (CAS-220816)