Adoptee #: 4334

Name: Manon

Sex: Female

Birthday: 2018-07-03

Status: Adopted

Location: FurryTales Foster

🐈 Friends with Cybel 🐈 Introducing Manon, a light ginger Persian beauty, who gave birth to 3 kittens while in care, the three Ms: Moose, Michelle, and Marigold! Manon is affectionate, LOVES treats, and being brushed. She is a very clean cat, grooming herself often to keep her fur immaculate and she has excellent litter habits. Manon loves to hop up beside people to enjoy pets. She is often found napping on the cat tree or comfy cat bed. She gets along really well with her best friend Cybel and would really love if they could find a home together. They have known each other a long time and came into care both pregnant. They helped each other raise their kittens together and now they are ready to enjoy all the attention to themselves. As a Persian cat, she will require regular grooming, brushing and cleaning around her eyes. Exotic Adoption fee of $500.