Adoptee #: 4629

Name: Tigger

Sex: Male

Birthday: 2021-09-01

Status: Available for Adoption

Location: PetSmart (Merivale & Meadowlands)

The incredibly handsome domestic long haired big gentlemen knockouts, Tigger and Simba, came together and are already charming their foster mother’s socks off with their sweetness. Like his brother, he is a purring machine. Tigger is a little more shy but he is still a social boy who is also calm-natured, mellow, and chill; enjoying being near his humans. When he wants attention, he will do a little headbutting and lay at your feet. Tigger loves to be pet and to cuddle; he will often come right over as soon as someone sits on the floor, purring the entire way. He is crazy for catnip toys! Tigger’s a little bigger and fluffier than Simba, with a regal lion look due to his gorgeous mane and plump cheeks. Frequent brushing is required to avoid matting but Tigger doesn’t mind, he loves it! Tigger allows belly rubs and often lays back to snooze. Tigger is friendly with the resident cat. Since the magnificent duo Simba and Tigger have lived their lives together, we are hoping for an adopter who is able to take them both in. (CAS-221002)